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Tide Media is a content and digital marketing business that specialises in the health & wellness sectors. We're passionate about the do-gooders and dreamers who are showing the world a better way to what real health and wellness is and helping you to make it happen.  

Are your customers seeking out how to get fit, feel healthy, go natural and enjoy an active and long life? Are you reaching them with your brand and experiencing the success you dreamed of?

The health and wellness solutions being offered are all over the screens in our hands.  This is where they learn, get inspired to take action, share their excitement and seek out those amazing brands and people who are giving us choices like never before.

Is your business riding the wave of growth in health and wellness?  We help brands like yours to create the strategies, content and campaigns to be seen and heard right where the tide is the strongest - in social and digital media. We help propel your brand from the screen in their hands into their hearts, minds and homes. 

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Your marketing strategy is the key to ensuring your tactics are designed to deliver real results, meaning growth, sales and customers. We can pull the moving parts together to put you on the right track.

Content Creation

No matter the platform, we create content that delivers value. Whether it's evergreen content for your blog, targeted lead generation or social media posts, we put your customer at the forefront.


enewsletter management

Talk to us about building a highly valuable email list whilst also nurturing the customers you have. With automation strategy, content, design and delivery, we help you communicate directly with your customers.


Facebook Ad Management

If you don't have the time, resource or expertise to manage this crucial advertising channel, let us help. We can manage your ad strategy with planning, execution, testing and reporting, aligned with your business goals.


We're a content digital marketing team working with inspiring health & wellness people and their brands.

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digital content creation

 If the content clock is ticking one of our popular packages may help. We have the knowledge of your industry to make it happen.

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Our Values

Whilst much of our world is consumed by digital, it's the people that matter.

We believe in the brands we work with, their philosophy, their products, their story.

We value simplicity over complexity, less is more.

We work together, in partnership with you, to make the impossible possible.

WOW, Shelley is an incredible talent, I don’t say that lightly. She blew me away with her wordsmithing, research and talent on our rebrand project. I wouldn’t hesitate for a nano second to work with her again.”

Anne McKrevitt - Awarded Leading Women Entrepreneur of the World™